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Mon 10/1/18 1:37 PM
October is the annual Cyber Security Awareness month. Your immediate question may be, why do I care again? To this I say, imagine if you will, a world in which there is no internet, no smart phones, no computers, and three channels on the television. That’s right, it would be the Twilight Zone, even though […]
Fri 9/7/18 11:17 AM
Given our recent spate of phishing emails, I thought I would take a few moments to talk about the wonderful sport of phishing. Well, not that kind of phishing. I am referring to phishing, a concerted effort by an attacker to get some type of information from you in order to do bad things. Bad […]
Fri 8/24/18 1:49 PM
The Fall semester of 2018 is upon us. A hearty welcome back to students who are beginning or continuing their academic journey. For the staff who have worked all summer long, well… As we kick off this semester, I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about the importance of backing up your data. […]