Returning Equipment to Cookeville Campus during the COVID19

Please note that we will only have one IT staff member on the Cookeville campus during the day during the COVID-19 period. We will be receiving check-out equipment between 10 AM - 2 PM, Monday - Friday.   If you cannot return items during this timeframe, please call us at 931-520-4613 and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

Please take into consideration your safety and
the safety of our staff by adhering to the below procedure:

  1. Make sure to save any files into a cloud storage or USB drive before returning the laptop. All data will be erased from the computers. 
  2. Contact Alex O’Neill at 931-520-4613 and indicate you need to drop off a laptop. He will schedule a time for you to drop off. General hours are 10 AM - 2 PM, Monday – Friday, by appointment only. Please do not arrive without having set an appointment first.
  3. Please place the device and any accompanying power cords or chargers in your trunk.  
  4. You will drive to the Cookeville campus, drive past the main door and park near the ADA accessible entrance, near the white handrails.
  5. Please call Alex O’Neill at 931-520-4613 upon arrival. 
  6. Please remain in your vehicle at all times with your windows up.
  7. When the IT staff member arrives at your vehicle, please present your ID so that they may take a picture.
  8. Please open your trunk remotely if possible. If you don’t have a trunk or can’t open remotely, the IT staff member will give directions on how to proceed.


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