Using Microsoft Teams to Host Online Meetings

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform. Teams includes the ability to host and join online meetings similar to Zoom. While Teams is an excellent alternative whenever Zoom is unavailable, it lacks some of the overall features that Zoom does; including call-in capabilities and ability to seamlessly integrate with D2L or My Media/Kaltura within eLearn.

Additionally, if you are experiencing technical problems with Zoom, be sure to check out the Additional Troubleshooting Tips During Zoom Web Outage section of this KB article as well.

Downloading Microsoft Teams

The Teams stand-alone app is included in Microsoft Office 365 where it can be downloaded and installed to your computer. Along with the stand-alone app, Teams is also available to use from any Internet browser like Chrome or Firefox. Simply navigate to the Teams website, log in using your Vol State account, and start using Teams.

Teams Quick Start Guide

To start using Teams, follow Microsoft's Teams Quick Start Guide which explains the basics of Teams.

Setting Up Online Meetings in Teams

The following steps explain how to set up Teams meetings for online courses.

Step 1. Go to Teams. Click Join or create team (either in the upper-right corner or lower-left corner). Type your class name. You can add students by their last name. Their email is in Outlook so start typing, and click on their name when you see it.

Step 2. Click the General Tab. Click Manage channel.

Step 3. Click Meet. Click Schedule a meeting (or Meet now to launch a meeting immediately).

Step 4. Name meeting. Put in Day and Time. (You don’t need to invite attendees.) Click Save.

Step 5. On General tab, you will see the new meeting. Click to Open.

Step 6. On next page, grab the link and email or post to your eLearn. In the meeting notice, click Join. Instruct students to click join.

Inserting a Teams Meeting Link in eLearn

As an alternative to the previous steps, instructors can create and insert links to Teams Meetings directly within eLearn using Insert Quicklink.

Step 1. Create a new announcement

Screenshot of the Announcement tool with the New Announcement option hightlighted

Step 2. Give the Announcement a Headline. Then, click the Insert Quicklink button at the top of the Content text box. Scroll to the bottom of the Qucklinks list and click the MS Teams Meetings option.

GIF of the process of setting a Headline for the announcement and then clicking the Insert Quicklink button and navigating to MS Teams Meeting

Step 3. Sign in to Teams using your Vol State account and password.

Screenshot of Teams Quicklink with sign in button highlighted

Step 4. Click the Create meeting link button

Screenshot of the Teams Quicklink with the Create meeting link button highlighted

Step 5. Add a title, start date and time, and ending date and time for your meeting. Click the Create button.

Screenshot of the options of meeting title and times while inserting a Teams meeting using Quicklink.

Step 6. Click the Insert button to add the Teams meeting link to the announcement.

GIF of clicking the Insert button to add the meeting link to the announcement.

Step 7. Publish the announcement to allow users to click the link and join the meeting.


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