ProctorU: Faculty How-to Guide

What is ProctorU

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that offers fully automated proctoring for online exams or a combination of a live proctor and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Volunteer State has chosen the Live+ Service which uses a live proctor during the exam and AI to register accounts, verify student identity at exam time, and additional monitoring during the exam. 

ProctorU offers support for Instructors and Students via LiveChat from within your ProctorU account. Instructors may also reach out to the support team at 1-855-772-8678.

To begin using ProctorU, follow the instructions below or read the Instructor Training from ProctorU for additional information.

Creating a New ProctorU Account

In your course shell in eLearn click on the Evaluation tab. Choose ProctorU from the drop down menu. A new window will open asking if you have a ProctorU account. Choose No if you have never had a ProctorU account. Since this window is linked to eLearn your school, name and username will be auto-filled in the form. Follow the on screen prompts to create your account.

  • Create a new password following the guidelines on the page.
  • Confirm your password. (Write down your username and password for future reference.)
  • Choose the "(GMT - 06:00) US/Central" time zone even if you are living/visiting in a different time zone.
  • Choose "United States" as the country even if you are living/visiting in a different country.
  • Read and agree to the Terms of Service
  • Verify that you are not a robot
  • Click Create Account

You will receive an email from ProctorU to confirm your account. The account is typically created in a few hours, but it may take up to 48 hours for your account to be created. 

To Open an Existing Account

In your course shell in eLearn click on the Evaluation tab. Choose ProctorU from the drop down menu. A new window will open asking if you have a ProctorU account. Choose Yes if you have previously used ProctorU. Enter your username and Password. If you have forgotten your username and password click on the links to reset them.

Setting Up Exams

It is recommend that you enter an exam into ProctorU at least two weeks prior to the start of the exam window. This gives test-takers enough time to schedule their exam appointment and helps ensure ProctorU can plan capacity needs appropriately. For students to avoid paying a premium fee, they must register 72 hours in advance of their scheduled exam time.

To add a new exam follow the Exam Entry Guide . The proctors are to follow the exam instructions you specify when you enter the exam details. Choose all or none of the resources listed on the exam setup. If a resource is not selected, it will not be approved for use during an exam session. You may want to provide notes in Additional Resources to allow anything not listed in the settings. In the Additional Exam Notes you may want to include your preferred contact method, (phone, email, etc.), in case a proctor needs to contact you during an exam.

To set up an exam for a student with special accommodations follow the How to Give Accommodations to Test-Takers .

Expectations for Exam Day

If possible, stay near your phone or computer during the exam window. Should a real-time exam issue come up (password issue, undocumented accommodation, etc.) that ProctorU cannot resolve, they will reach out to the contact you provide when setting up the exam. You may also be contacted by your student.

If you hear from your student or from ProctorU, please use LiveChat from within your ProctorU account or reach out to the support team via phone at 1-855-772-8678 to help resolve any issues.  

Review Exam Results

To view results of individual students follow the Reporting Documentation on the ProctorU website. This includes:

  • Performance Insights Dashboard
  • Exam Analytics Dashboard
  • How to use the Test Taker Appointment Timeline
  • How to Review an Incident Report

Instructors may view individual student videos for each exam. In your exam on the ProctorU website, click the student name or session number to view exam details. For additional Instructor information read the Instructor Training from ProctorU.


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