Transferring Videos from Old My Media to My Media

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Monday, May 10 was the last day to add content to the old My Media. Users will still be able to access Old My Media through the OLD My Media link in the Course Tools menu within any eLearn course to view and download previously recorded videos. Only MyMedia (Yuja) will be available to insert links into an eLearn course moving forward.

Follow the steps below to download a video from your Old My Media and then upload it to the My Media. If you usually copy your courses from a Model Course or other course which contains the videos already, you do not need to follow the steps. Any videos embedded in an eLearn course will continue to work correctly. Only follow these steps if you are creating a new course or content which does not contain the videos you are downloading. All videos will be automatically transferred to the My Media without the need to follow these instructions.

NoteFollowing these steps will cause duplicates of any videos once the automatic transfer from Old My Media to My Media is complete.

Downloading Videos From Old My Media

  1. Navigate to any course within eLearn.
  2. Click on the Course Tools menu in the Navbar.
    Screenshot of the Course Tools menu within an eLearn course.
  3. Click OLD My Media from the drop-down menu.
    Screenshot of the OLD My Media button within the Course Tools menu.
  4. Find the video you would like to download from the list and click on its name.
  5. Click the Download button on the top right corner of the video.
    Screenshot of an example video with the Download button highlighted.
  6. The video will begin downloading to your computer.

Uploading the Downloaded Video to My Media

  1. Navigate back to the eLearn homepage and click the My Media link in the Navbar. This will open the My Media.
    Screenshot of the eLearn homepage navbar with My Media highlighted.
  2. In the My Media page, click the Upload button at the top.
    Screenshot of the New My Media page with Upload highlighted.
  3. Click Browse in the Add Media dialog box and find yoour video from your computer. Alternatively, drag and drop the file from your computer into the dialog box.
    Screenshot of the Add Media page with Browse highlighted.
  4. Click Start Upload.
    Screenshot of the Add Media page with Start Upload highlighted.
  5. The video will process. After processing, it will be ready to embed into a course.​​​​


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