Old My Media: Creating Videos

My Media is an online video platform within eLearn which enables you to create and share videos. Media produced can be viewed on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

You can create new media from the ‘My Media’ link by:

Option 1: Uploading Files into My Media

  1. From “My Media,” click on the "Add New" button.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the "Media Upload" option. 

screenshot of My Media Add New menu with Media Upload option highlighted

  1. Choose a file to upload into eLearn.
  2. Click the "Open" button to continue.
  3. As the file uploads (which will be denoted by a green progress bar as illustrated below), you will be able to add or adjust specific information, including:
    1. Name of the file,
    2. Description of the file,
    3. Tags describing the file, and
    4. Whether or not it will be made public (accessible by anyone) or private (only you can see). Distributed Education recommends making videos private at this step, then you can embed or link to it within a course later.
  4. Repeat as often as needed for multiple files.
  5. When finished, hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.

screenshot of sample upload media metadata fields

The file you added will be in your My Media account for viewing.


  • If you click the ‘Save’ button before it is completely uploaded, media information that is put in there (e.g. file name, tags, and a description) will be saved once the file is fully uploaded.
  • You can upload multiple media files at once as needed. The screen will cascade down deeper as additional media files are uploaded simultaneously.
  • Always check the ‘My Media’ section of eLearn to ensure the files uploaded properly. Media uploaded can be viewed once the file is located there.
  • Once a video has uploaded, it is converted for optimal playback regardless of the device used. Users will not be able to publish a video while it is being converted.

Uploading an iPhone Video to My Media

This 1.5 minute video demonstrates how to add a video that you've recorded on an iPhone to My Media. 

Option 2: Record using Kaltura Capture

  1. From “My Media,” click on the "Add New" button.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the "Kaltura Capture" option.

Kaltura Capture Button location in "Add New" Button pull-down menu.

  1. The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder will open (click to install it if it is the first time you've used this tool).
  2. By default, all recording inputs are configured to the optimal quality available, so when you're ready, you can start recording! Shown in the illustration of the recorder below, you have five tools in the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder:
    1. CLICK TO RECORD: Click the red button to go into record mode. Click after you adjust your SCREEN, CAMERA, and AUDIO options.
    2. SCREEN: Click the icon to toggle screen capture on / off. Click the text below for options like adjusting the area of the screen you're recording.
    3. CAMERA: Click the icon to toggle the web cam on / off. 
    4. AUDIO: Mute / unmute your recording by clicking the AUDIO icon.
    5. Manage: Takes you to Your Recordings Library where you can manage your files and upload your work to your My Media page in eLearn.

Kaltura Capture recorder with labels

  1. Once you click Record, you will have 3 seconds before the recording begins. This countdown will display in the middle of the screen. When recording begins, the countdown timer will disappear.
  2. Once the recording has begun, a small pop-up box will be located in the right-hand corner of the screen. Within this, there are four (4) functions you can do with it:

Recording tool with function buttons labeled


  1. Once the video has been completed (Stop recording), the program will process and provide a preview of the video. Prior clicking to save & upload, save, or delete, you have the opportunity to change the title, description and tags for your new video.
  2. After you successfully upload your video, you will be provided a website link to your My Media portal within eLearn. You can copy this link to use later if desired. 
  3. After uploading, you can edit your video in My Media by trimming, cropping, adding titles, or adding credits.

Here's a good overview video to help you start recording: Getting Started with Kaltura Personal Capture Application.

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