My Media: Creating a Video Quiz

In My Media, you have the ability to take videos that you have uploaded and create Video Quizzes from them. Video Quizzes are interactive question/answer sections that play during a video. (Please Note: the term Video Quiz does not make it the same as a regular Quiz in eLearn. It cannot be used for a grade.) The primary function of this is to give your students a study tool that they can use to enhance their retention of the video material.

Don’t worry; creating a Video Quiz will not change the original video! Making a video Quiz will actually make a copy of the video in your My Media area.

Create a Video Quiz

  1. Click on the Video you want to make a quiz out of.
  2. Click “Actions” on the bottom right, and select “Add Quiz” from the list. This brings up the Quiz Editor.

screenshot of sample quiz editor

You can see the video on the left, a timeline on the bottom, and a screen for options on the right. Before you do anything else with the Quiz Editor, go through the options on the right. They are for configuring how the quiz is displayed and works. Once you’re finished with the few settings you’ll be configuring, the settings window changes to explain “How to Add a Question."

How to Add a Question

In order to start adding questions to the video, first, you’ll need to start by playing the video. As it plays, you’ll pause the video where you want to add a question. When you pause the video, a blue hexagon with a plus sign will appear in the middle of the video. Click this to begin adding a question.

screenshot of adding a question editor

This blue hexagon will appear every time you press the pause button, but this does not mean a question will be placed there. You’ll have to complete the process of making a question before it’s actually in the quiz.

Once you’ve clicked the Plus, a blue overlay will cover the video, where you can enter the Question text, the correct answer, and an additional answer. If you want to add more than one additional answer (up to four total), click the black and white plus icon on the screen. Once you’ve added all of the answers you want, click the black circle at the top left (with the arrows pointing to each other) to shuffle the answers.

screenshot sample add a question

Hints & Explanations

When you’re finished making the question, you have the option of adding a hint. If you want to do this, click the light bulb on the upper right. This will bring up the Hint area.

  • The Hint area has two fields in it: Hint and Why.
    • “Hint” is where you actually enter a hint for the correct answer.
    • “Why” is where you put an explanation as to why the correct answer is correct.
  • Enter information into the fields that pop up and hit Apply to save those into the question.

Once you save the question, you’ll notice a symbol appears on the appropriate spot in the Timeline at the bottom of the Quiz Editor. You may go back to any question to edit it at any time by clicking on that question’s corresponding symbol. Once you’re finished, you can preview the quiz, or go back to My Media.

For more detailed information, faculty may want to download this Interactive Video Quiz Information Guide (PDF) from Kaltura.

Upload a Video Quiz to eLearn

  1. Go to My Media.
  2. Click the video quiz you want in your course.
  3. Click “Share.
  4. Copy the “Embed Code” that appears.
  5. Go to where you want the media to appear in eLearn (Content Topic, Discussion Post, etc.)
  6. Click the “Insert Stuff” button.
  7. Click “Enter Embed Code” on left-hand list.
  8. Paste the code into the box, and click “Next.
  9. Click Insert to embed the media.


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