Recently Modified Articles

This is the documented procedure for students to request a name change.
These are directions on how to return your borrowed equipment safely to the Cookeville (CHEC) campus at the end of the Spring 2020 Semester.
This article discusses how to return check-out equipment borrowed from Vol State during the COVID-19 period.
This article will help you get started using Zoom through the College's Zoom account using your Vol State username and password.
The VSCC Faculty Council has developed these recommendations for both full-time and adjunct faculty for the Spring 2021 semester and subsequent semesters, in which the majority of classes taught by all faculty utilize various online modalities, including asynchronous and synchronous classes using virtual applications, such as Zoom.
This article discusses how to add a profile image to your Outlook/Office 365 account.
Use these steps to maintain control of a Zoom class or meeting and to help prevent inappropriate behavior by participants.
"Zoombombing" happens when a non-secured meeting ID is shared or guessed and an uninvited, anonymous attendee connects and eavesdrops or sometimes shares inappropriate content. Check out this article on some tips to help secure your Zoom meeting.
This document provides recommended practices for holding and recording virtual (i.e., synchronous or live) class sessions and related FERPA guidance. Appendix 1 includes a student consent form you may wish to use.