TN eCampus Support Issue

Service Description

Distributed Education can troubleshoot and assist with issues relating to TN eCampus support issues.

Standard Features

Distributed Education can troubleshoot and assist with issues relating to TN eCampus support issues:

Student Issues

  • Issues related to logging in (i.e. problems logging into eLearn)
  • Issues related to content (i.e. missing course, dropped course still listed in eLearn)
  • Issues related to publisher links (i.e. link not working, need help accessing online textbook/homework)
  • Issues related to dropbox (i.e. problems submitting files into the eLearn dropbox)
  • Issues related to quizzes (i.e. cannot access or submit quizzes)
  • Issues related to grade book 
  • Issues related to discussion
  • Issues related to navigating eLearn
  • Other (i.e. Zoom, My Media, etc.)

Faculty/Staff Issues

  • Issues related to course copy
  • Issues related to course access (i.e. copy/view access, content editor access, co-instructor access)
  • Issues related to course content (i.e. link not working, content locked, content not showing, edit/add/delete contents)
  • Issues related to publisher materials (i.e. link not working, need help adding publisher materials to course, student needs assistance)
  • Issues related to managine course dates 
  • Issues related to quizzes (i.e. quiz setup, importing question to question library)
  • Issues related to dropbox (i.e. setting up a dropbox, grading a dropbox, turnitin question)
  • Issues related to discussion (i.e. setting up discussion forum/topic, grading a discussion topic)
  • Issues related to grade book (i.e. setting up a points-based grade book, setting up a weighted grade book, dropping graded items, releasing final grades for students to view)
  • Issues related to rubrics (i.e. help creating an eLearn rubric, help grading with an eLearn rubric)
  • Issues related to course tools assistance (i.e. using Zoom, My Media, ePortfolio, Wiggio in a class)
  • Issues related to course design assistance
  • Issues related to accessibilty assistance
  • Issues related to Banner/eLearn reconcile class list

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities:

  • User is responsible for providing details related to the request including their contact information and a detailed description of the problem.

Distributed Education Responsibilities:

  • Distributed Education will assist with troubleshooting the issue described in the service request. 
  • Distributed Education will communicate the status of the request to the user as needed.

How To Request

Click the Request Service button and complete the request form.

Service Audience

Faculty and Staff

Service Level Agreement

There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with this service. 

Institutional Policies

There are no Institutional Policies associated with this service.

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