Videos: Adding Your Videos to Dropboxes and Discussions

Turning in a Video from MyMedia to a Dropbox Assignment

For all video assignments, you must upload your video recording to MyMedia (or created it in My Media) and then post it in elearn for review and grading.  Your instructor and classmates do NOT have access to your MyMedia files, so you must embed your video in the course for others to see it. The steps are the same for posting in a discussion or a dropbox:

  • On the designated discussion board, click on "start new thread." In the dropbox, scroll down to "text submission." 
  • Click “Insert Stuff” button. (It looks like the 'play' button.)

Screenshot of the insert stuff button highlighted.

  • Scroll down and click “MyMedia"
  • Find the video you want to insert.
  • Click on the "Embed" button.

Screenshot of the Embed button

  • Then click on "Insert."  You should see your video in the submission box.
  • Remember that submitting into the dropbox should provide you with an email containing a receipt or proof of submission.


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