Adding Outlook Calendar Delegates

Calendar Delegates allow other people to access and edit your calendar, and setup and send meetings on your behalf. This is commonly used by departmental administrative associates to see meeting details of those in their department, or to setup meetings on behalf of their department head.

Here are the steps for setting up a calendar delegate in Outlook:

Setting up a Delegate

  1. Open the Outlook Web app at and sign in with your Vol State credentials if necessary.
  2. Open the calendar tab

  3. Select the More Options (…) button on the calendar you would like to add a delegate to.

  4. Click Sharing and permissions

  5. Enter the email address of the delegate you would like to add.

  6. Select a permissions level. Delegate can perform all actions on your behalf, including sending and accepting meeting invitations.

  7. Click Share
  8.  Once the delegate has been added, change the setting for Send invitations and responses to to Both my delegate and me.

  9. Your delegate should receive an invitation email. They will need to click the Accept button at the very top


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