Cisco IP Communicator - Audio Issues

In the event you are having audio issues, whether it is one-way audio, no audio or needing to set up a device to use with CIPC, you can follow these trouble shooting steps. 

Step 1: Setting Up/Checking Windows Audio Device Configs

Click start and type control panel, this window below will pop up. 

 Windows Control Panel

Click Hardware and Sound, then click Sound. The Sound window will open. 

Control Panel - Hardware and Sound

Find the audio device you intend to use with CIPC. Right click on the device, then click on "Set as Default Device". Then click "OK" or "Apply" to save the settings.

Sound Settings

Step 2: Adjusting Audio Settings Within CIPC

Run Cisco IP Communicator and locate the Preferences button (circled in red).

Cisco IP Communicator Preferences Button

Click on Audio Tuning Wizard.

CIPC - Audio Tuning Wizard

Set all of these individual categories as Default Windows Audio Device. 

Audio Tuning Wizard

At this point, you will most likely have to test these selections, go ahead and follow the prompts from the Audio Tuning Wizard. Then click Finish once you have completed the prompts. At this point, give yourself a phone call from the SoftPhone to a cell phone you can use to determine if you are having any further audio issues. 

If you are still having audio issues, please contact the IT HelpDesk and we will be more than happy to assist further at 615-230-3302. 

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