Discussions: New Discussion Evaluation Experience

Welcome to Our New Discussion Evaluation Experience

The first thing you'll notice when entering our new eval experience is that is looks just like our New Assignment Evaluation Experience.  Evaluation tools like Grades, Rubrics, and Feedback are moving to the Right-Hand panel to display in the same way.  No more scrolling up and down to see both the rubric and the post at the same time!  This is the same rubric component as the New Assignment Evaluation experience uses.  That means that it will drop down the side panel or pop out into a new window for grading.

A screenshot of the new discussion evaluation experience
Figure 1: The new Discussion Evaluation Screen, Work in Progress

Also consistent with Assignments is the header panels with the activity name display, navigation - either back or iterating through submissions, and the learner's name and profile card.  The draggable divider will work the same here, too!  The best part? It stays where you put it.  This also means that the adaptive mobile view is just as useful in this view with the evaluation tools tucking into a neat drawer when the screen gets smaller.

A screenshot of the adaptive mobile view of the discussion evaluation page
Figure 2: The adaptive mobile drawer, holding the evaluation tools, Work in Progress

The differences in the display of the Discussion topic and replies are slight.   One change that may be noticeable is that the title of the topic or the reply is a link. It will open the post in a new window so that the evaluator can get an idea of the context in which the post was made. Some of our most popular PIE items for discussions are around providing more context.  We hope that this helps!

A screenshot of the new discussion evaluation page, showing a reply to a thread
Figure 3: A reply to a post, linking out to that post to give more context, Work in Progress

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