Panorama for Faculty

Understanding Accessibility Reports

Once Panorama has finished scanning the documents in your course, the Accessibility Reports will be displayed as colorful gauges with official scores to your documents.

  1. For a more detailed breakdown of the accessibility score, click on the meter icon to open the full Accessibility Report. 
  2. Under the View Issues section, the content owner can scroll through the summary of issues. The View Issues section will summarize all missing accessibility components from missing page numbers, missing titles, or issues with color contrasts. 
  3. Every issue found will include a summary of how to resolve the matter under the How to Fix drop-down menu. 

Improving the Accessibility Score

Once you have read through the Accessibility Report, the content owner can go through and fix the highlighted issues directly on your document. Once all of the improvements have been made, the content owner can drag and drop their corrected document into the Accessibility Report window under the Upload Improved Version section.

Alternative Formats

Please review the Panorama - Accessing Alternative Formats for information on viewing content in alternative formats. 

Note that limitations can be placed on the Alternative Formats made available. To disable Translated Alternative Format do the following: 

  1. Go to Course Tools.
  2. Click Accessibility Report - Panorama.
  3. Click the settings icon located un the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Click Course settings
  5. Select the course from the dropdown menu.
  6. Choose Disable Document Translations.
  7. Click Save Changes button.  
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