How to send a fax over email using Outlook

Sending a fax via Outlook

Faculty and Staff of Volunteer State have the capability to fax from Outlook using the following steps:

1. Create a new email.

2. In the “To” line, type the department fax number that you need to send the fax to, followed by

  • For an outside line, begin with 9, followed by the country code (if applicable), then the 10 digit number, and end with
Note: Even though you're no longer required to begin with 9 when dialing an outside line, you still must begin with 9 when sending a fax since it using an analog phone line.


  • - This will send the fax to department fax line 4841.
  • - This will send the fax to the outside line 1 (615) 867-5309. Note the 9 at the beginning.

3. Fill in the subject line. This becomes the Subject line of the Fax cover sheet.

4. Attach the document that you are faxing, just as you would attach if you were emailing the document. The document can be a Word, Excel, PDF, TIF, etc.

5. Anything that is typed in the body of the email, including your signature, will be the comments of the fax cover sheet.

Note: If you have a logo or a picture attached to your signature, delete the picture.

6. Send the fax as you would any email.

Here is an example of an email waiting to be faxed:

Outlook - Sending a fax via email example screenshot

Please Note: Department Heads have designated people within the department to receive and distribute faxes sent to the departmental fax number. If you have any questions about how to receive a fax, please contact the office in which the fax machine is located.
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