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Minibar/Notification Area

In the top right corner of eLearn is the minibar/notification area. This minibar is always visible no matter where you go inside the system.

Here's a picture of what the minibar/notification area looks like:

Screenshot of minibar

  • Use the waffle icon to access the drop down menu. Here you can easily switch between classes or search for a course.
  • Use the other visual icons on the right to skip quickly to the internal eLearn email system or see system alerts.
  • Use the user icon (where your picture and name are) in the far right to get to your profile, manage notifications, adjust your account settings, or to log out.
  • Bonus! Faculty can also use the drop-down menu to change your view. This allows you to preview your course from a student perspective. Caution: be sure to switch back to your faculty role!

Click the eLearn logo on the top left anytime you want to go back to the eLearn homepage. 

Navigation Bar (Nav Bar)

Just below the minibar on the eLearn homepage, you'll see a nav bar that contains a variety of important links. The links that are available change slightly once you are in a course. From My Home you can access:

  • Course Mail: Link takes you to the eLearn internal email system.
  • My Media: Link takes you to your own channel on the college's video management system.
  • Help: This is a grouping of help resources available to you and your students.

Here's a sample of how the navigation links appear:

screenshot of my home navbar.

My Home: Under the Nav Bar

The various sections on the main viewing area of My Home are called widgets, but knowing the name isn't as important as knowing what they're about. The content and arrangement of the widgets are controlled at the system level, meaning you can't rearrange them or adjust their content.

  • Updates: Your personal update notifications appear here for all of your classes. Use the links as a shortcut to the notice it is providing to you.
  • Course Tiles: This is where you can see a list of all of the courses you belong to. Simply click a course by name to open the course home page. As an instructor, you have access to courses before and after the semester. However, students only have access to courses for the specific dates of the term.
  • Course Evaluations: Here you have a link to access your course evaluations. Students would use this link to submit end of term course evaluations.
  • Announcements: College-wide announcements appear here and change over time.
  • eLearn Resources: Provides links to eLearn tutorials & videos as well as information on contacting eLearn support and the IT Help Desk.

Here's a sampling of a few widgets:

screenshot of My Home widgets

View or Filter Courses

Under the course tiles (illustrated in the image above), there is a link that says "View All Courses." This is a handy way to search, filter, and sort your list of courses. Use the Semester, Department and/or Role filters to drill down to the course you are looking for. Sort by name, course code, date pinned, or last accessed.

screen shot of the view all courses page with 4 pinned and 4 unpinned courses listed


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