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How to Use the (HTML) Text Editor

In Aug 2021, this editor became the new text editor. If you want to see an interactive webpage that shows the old and new locations of tools in the toolbar, check out this website created by another school: Interactive Webpage of the Old and New Toolbar

Any time you create a new Announcement, Content Topic, or even Quiz Question, you'll be working in the HTML Page Editor's "Design View." The design view loads automatically when you create or edit material.

Design View allows you to create and modify your course materials in a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) environment without needing any prior knowledge of HTML coding.  ​​​​​​Don't panic! You don't have to know anything about HTML or coding to successfully use the editor.

Page Edit View

screenshot of text editor toolbar

Take a look at the image above. The tools across the top of the window allow you to insert images, videos, tables, and other items; format your text; write mathematical formulas, and do a host of other chores. Click the down arrows for more tools, and on the far right of the top toolbar, click the ellipses icon to discover even more tools!

Use the Toggle Fullscreen icon in the upper right to maximize the default design window. If you edit your materials in fullscreen, click the toggle button when you're done so you can save your work. You cannot save your work while in fullscreen mode. You can also left-click your mouse and drag the Editor Resize icon to resize the viewing area.

Here's a handy tip: hover your mouse over any icon to find out the name of the tool. This gives you an idea of what the tool does.

Commonly Used Editing Tools


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