Content: Adding Materials to a Module

The Upload / Create button is used to upload existing documents and create new pages in eLearn. While it is possible to upload existing documents, it is best practice to create your content in a new eLearn web page. Web pages are more flexible and responsive when viewed on tablets and mobile phones.

To Create a New Page:

  1. Within the module that you want to create a page in, click the blue "Upload/Create" button.
  2. Select "Create a Page."
  3. It is strongly suggested you use the "Select a Document Template" to add a template to your page because a template provides you with an attractive and accessible format to work with.
  4. Use the Page Editor to add text, images, videos, and links to your page. 

To Upload an Existing Document:

  1. Within the module that you want to upload a document to, click the blue "Upload/Create" button.
  2. Select "Upload Files."
  3. Navigate to the location of the file you want to upload; typically you will look in "My Computer."
  4. Click the Upload button and use the file manager to navigate to the file or drag the file to the Upload box.
    Screenshot of add a file
  5. Your file(s) will display under the upload button.
  6. Click the blue "Add" button.

To Create a Direct Link:

Follow the steps below to create a direct link from content to a web page on the Internet; use this feature with discretion. To follow best practice, create a page first (see above); then add a hyperlink with instructions to the page.

  1. Open the webpage you want in a separate browser window and "copy" the full web address (ex:
  2. Within the module that you want to create the link, click the blue "Upload/Create" button.
  3. Select "Create a Link."
  4. Type a descriptive name in the Title field, for example, Vol State Learning Commons.
  5. Paste the web address (from step 1) into the URL field.
  6. Check the box "Open as External Resource."
  7. Click "Create."

To Add Existing Activities:

The Add Existing Activities button is used to add eLearn activities (e.g., quizzes or discussions) to the students' learning path. It is easier to create the activity first and then adds it into your content area.

  1. Within the module that you want to add an existing activity, click the "Add Existing Activities" button.
  2. Select the activity type that you want to add to the content area.
  3. Select the specific activity or assignment by name.


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