Posting Final Grades in Banner

You will have a 30-minute time limit to enter your grades for each section. The time starts at the date and time you selected your "Final Grade Roll". You will lose what you enter if you do not submit within a 30 minute period on each grade roll.

  1. Go to the MyVol State Portal.
  2. Type in your Username and Password, the same as the ones you use to log into the computer and your e-mail account.
  3. Click on “Faculty” tab.
  4. Go to the "Faculty and Advisors" menu section.
  5. Click on “Final Grades”.
  6. The “Select Term” screen will appear.
  7. Select the current term and click “Submit”.
  8. The “Select a CRN” screen will appear. Select the CRN that you wish to post final grades on. 

NOTE: Students who have withdrawn from your class(se) will have a Grade of “W” already posted. Do not change or post a new grade if a “W” already exists.

When posting a grade of “F”, you are required to post the “LAST DATE OF ATTENDANCE” in the appropriate column. If a date already exists in the date column that is not the correct Last Date Of Attendance, delete it and post the correct date. 

  • If the student actually earned a grade of “F”:  Use the last day of final exams for the term.
  • If the student stopped attending class: Use the last day the student attended the class.
  • If the student never attended class: Check your email for a message from Records and Registration that lists the date to use.

Please do not put anything in the “attend hours” we do not use that field so no input is needed.

 After you have completed posting your grades, Click on “Submit”.


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