Attendance Reporting in Banner

It is important to record attendance in Banner in a timely manner. Instructors need to provide confirmation of attendance before student financial aid funding can be processed.

  1. Go to the MyVol State Portal.
  2. Type in your Username and Password, the same as the ones you use to log into the computer and your e-mail account.
  3. Select the Banner Tab at top.
  4. Go to “Faculty and Advisor" menu section.
  5. Select “Attendance Reporting”.
  6. The “Select Term” screen will appear.
  7. Select the current term.
  8. The “Select a CRN” screen will appear. Select the CRN that you wish to report attendance on. 
  9. The Attendance Reporting Screen will appear with all students enrolled in that class.
  10. Under the “Attendance” column, you will see a “Y” with a drop-down box. Here you will enter an “N” for everyone who did not attend the first class meeting.
  11. Once you have recorded an “N” for each student who has not attended, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.
  12. At that time, all students on your class roll with a “Y” will be confirmed with an “Attendance Confirmation Date”.


  • Each class meeting until census date, you will only need to record changes to the students you originally reported as “N” if those students attend your class for the first time. You will also need to report the appropriate status for any new student that may be added to your class roll. The census date for each semester will be emailed to you. Each time you make a change on this screen, you must click “Submit” to confirm the transactions.
  • If you have a class that does not start until later in the semester, you should report the attendance for that class, the day after the first class meeting.


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