Accessing the Glossary

Like terms in the back of a textbook, eLearn’s glossary function is one of the best kept secrets of eLearn. Whether you have a few terms or a few thousand, this is a great tool to use to store and house them in one neat little package. Better still, there are two ways that you can easily import terms into it! 

  1. Start in the course where you would like to add a glossary.
  2. Click Course Tools in the navbar.
  3. Select Glossary.


The first option to create a glossary is to enter in terms manually one-by-one. Depending on the number of terms that you would like to enter into the glossary, this may be the easier option of two provided. Follow these easy steps to manually create one new term at a time:

  • Click New Term.

    new term

  • Enter the new term and its definition. You can use the "Link to Content Topic" to associate the term with a specific page in the course.

new term window

  • At this point, one will have two (2) options. If you are done with adding definitions into the glossary, you would click ‘Save.’ However, if there are more definitions you want to add, click the ‘Save and New’ button and repeat as often as needed until done.


If you have many terms that need to be entered, use the Import Terms option.

  1. Click the Import Terms button.
  2. Download the sample CSV file.
    csv file
  3. Add the terms in the first column of the spreadsheet and the definition to the second column of the spreadsheet. The title columns in the first row be labled "Term" and "Definition" as seen in the example provided below (otherwise, the import will not work).
    csv sample
  4. Name and save the CSV file in a location of your choosing.
  5. Use the Choose File button to navigate to the location of your saved CSV file.
  6. Click the Import Terms button.
  7. Prior to importing terms, you will have an option to make any edits necessary to the terms uploaded. This includes adding in formulas, pictures, adjusting text and so on.

    import terms

  8. Upon review, click the ‘Import Selected Terms’ button and the terms will be added into the glossary.

Updating Terms

If you need to update a term or definition:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to the term.
  2. Click Edit Term.
    edit term


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