Annotate an Assignment

Annotation Toolbar

You can provide feedback directly in submitted assignments using annotation tools.

  1. From the Dropbox of a course, tap the assignment you want to evaluate.
  2. Inside the assignment folder, click a submission to open it.
  3. Above the submission, you will see the Annotation Toolbar.

Screenshot of Annotation Toolbar

Annotation Features

There are many features available for instructors within the annotations toolbar when leaving inline contextual feedback for students:

  • Sidebar - Choose from three sidebar options — Thumbnails, Outline, or Bookmarks — to get an overview of the content in a document. 
  • Jump to page - Allows quick movement to pages throughout the submission. You may click the arrows to go forward and back one page, or click the number and type a specific page to jump to.
  • Pan - Use the Pan tool to move around the submission by clicking and dragging on the submission.
  • Zoom - Zoom in and out of the submission.
  • Fit / Fill - Change between fitting the submission to your screen which will show a full page at once, or fill which will zoom in to show as much of the submission as possible on your screen at once.
  • Pen or Highlighter - Write and draw anywhere and anything on the submission.
  • Note - Write a note to the submitter. A note can have a background color to help it stand out. Notes can be collapsed and expanded to show the text.
  • Text - Write inline text that the submitter sees on top of the submitted document. Text cannot have a background color but can be highlighted.
  • Shapes - Add inline arrows, lines, and rectangles to the submitted document. Shapes can be edited in multiple ways, including color and arrow type.
  • Print - Printing an annotated submission will also print all annotations on the document including shapes and notes. Notes' text will print on a separate page.
  • Search - Search for a specified word or phrase within the submitted document.
  • Download - Download a PDF of the submitted document which contains all applied annotations including notes. Notes will show when the icon for the note hovers over.
  • Settings for the currently selected annotation - Each annotation tool has specific settings that can change its look. These settings include color, font, weight and more.
  • Delete annotation - Annotations can be quickly removed by clicking on the annotation and then clicking the delete annotation trashcan icon.

Screenshot of labeled annotation features from the above list


Pen and Highlighter Tool

  • Choose the Pen or Highlighter tool to draw, hand-write, or highlight directly onto the submitted document. The Pen tool will automatically be placed on top of the document covering words and pictures, as illustrated in the image below. 

Example of text before Pen annotation usedExample of text after pen annotation used with "Education" crossed out with red pen

  • The Pen and Highlighter tool settings allow you to change the stroke color, background color, transparency, stroke weight, and pen filters.

Screenshot of pen and highlight settings showing stroke color picker, background color picker, transparency slider, stroke weight and filters.

  • Click the drop-down arrow to choose a different writing tool including Highligher and Eraser, which allows you to erase pen and highlighter marks.

Screenshot of Pen and Highlighter Writing Tools Opened with Drop-down Arrow

Text and Notes tools

  • Choose the Text tool to add text anywhere on a document. Move and resize, and change appearance — including font, size, alignment, and color with the settings bar.


Screenshot of text tool setting bar showing text color picker, highlight color picker, transparency, font, and alignment


  • Choose the Note tool to add longer comments which can be collapsed or expanded. Change appearance with a variety of shapes and colors in the settings bar.

Screenshot of a Note with yellow background and "Needs adjusting for 2018" text

Screenshot of Notes settings bar showing color and shape choices


Video Tutorial

  • Please watch the following video to see the annotation tools in action.



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