Campus Wide Calendar Instructions

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What is the Campus Wide Calendar?

The Campus Wide Calendar is where the college lists all important dates.  Faculty and Staff must keep an accurate and up-to-date calendar in Outlook.  This simplifies the process of setting up meetings. 

Viewing the Campus Wide Calendar

To view the Campus Wide Calendar, log-in to your MyVolState account, and click the tab Master Calendar. There you will be able to see the Campus Wide Calendar by month, table or list.  For optimal use, it is recommended using Internet Explorer when subscribing to the calendar.

A screenshot of the campus wide calendar highlighting the Event Types list on the left-hand side.

The left hand side will list the Event Types. There, you will be able to select which parts of the Calendar you most want to see. If you only want to see certain Event types (Academic, for example) make sure the only calendar selected under Event Type is Academic before you Subscribe to it in your VSCC Personal Outlook.

Subscribing to the Campus Wide Calendar

In the top, right-hand corner of the calendar, you’ll see a Subscribe button (this may appear on the right-hand side.) The subscribe button allows you to import the Calendar to your VSCC Personal Outlook account so you can have everything on one calendar.

A screenshot of the campus wide calendar with the Subscribe button highlighted

Once you click Subscribe, the box below will appear, check the iCalendar Subscribe button and click Subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of the campus wide calendar's Subscribe options

*If this screen does not appear when you try to subscribe, please submit an IT work request to help set this up.

After you click Subscribe, the following pop-up box will appear. Make sure Microsoft Outlook is selected and click OK.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Outlook option.

Make sure your Outlook account is open, and click Yes to add the Calendar to your outlook.

Screenshot of the Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook pop-up box

Once you click Yes, the Campus Wide Calendar should appear as a separate calendar in your Outlook. From there, you can add it as an overlay over your own Calendar or use it as a second calendar and view them side-by-side. You can also uncheck the Calendar on the left-hand side to remove it from your Calendars at any time.

Screenshot of the campus wide calendar added to Outlook​​​​​​​


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