Dropbox: Grading Submissions

What is it?

Recently, D2L has been focused on improving the platform in ways that improve instructor workflows.  By making the platform easier and more intuitive for instructors, they can improve the learners’ experience.

What is getting better?

Learner Submission List

The first improvement will be on the Learner Submission List. This is the list that an evaluator will see when entering the evaluation experience for an assignment. It lists the files that the learner has submitted to the assignment, along with the time, date, and any comments entered by the learner. We are making it better.

Screenshot of the new eLearn Dropbox Learner Submission List

In the new Learner Submission List, files are grouped by submission with each submission displaying comments, files, indicators to show lateness, flags, and evaluation status. The updated list design means evaluators can see more files on the screen at once, while making it easier to find unevaluated submissions or files that need their attention.

Inline Rubric Component

The next improvement is our Inline Rubric component. Instead of always opening in another window or dialog, it now expands down the evaluation panel, allowing the evaluator to see both the rubric and the submission at the same time.

The New In-Line Rubric Component

Draggable Divider

This next improvement is very exciting: The Draggable Divider. While our divider between the submission display on the left and the evaluation pane on the right has always been draggable, it is now easier to resize your panels to suit your needs and they’ll stay there as you iterate through your learners’ submissions! We are also making this divider easily accessible via keyboard, meaning that evaluators using assistive technology or keyboard shortcuts will be able to adjust panel sizes without using a pointer.

Screenshot of the new submission screen with the divider highlighted.

Submission File Picker

Our next improvement is for those multi-file projects. Now, evaluators can quickly select and view other files submitted by a learner without having to go back to the learner submissions list.

The New Submission File Picker

Mobile Experience

Many have been waiting for this and it is finally here. Our new mobile evaluation experience is more than just responsive, it is fully adapted to smaller screen sizes. While using smaller screens, such as a phone or a smaller tablet in portrait mode, the entire panel from the right side of the screen tucks into a neat and tidy drawer so that you can see and annotate files you’re grading without trying to manage unwieldy horizontal scroll bars.

New mobile view

Grade Overrides

Finally, we are improving the way we are notifying evaluators of Grade overrides. For users with evaluation permissions, there will now be a clear display when evaluators are choosing to override a grade generated by a rubric. Similarly, Outcomes evaluated based on Rubric criteria will show a similar override indicator.

What is moving?

Learner Context

While we are improving many features of the Assignment Evaluation experience, we will be relocating a few as well. First up, is the learner name and links. Previously located at the top of the right-hand panel, we are now moving that to a location above the submission display area, so it is easier to see and reference during evaluation. We will also move to displaying a new student profile card component.  This is where links to email, instant message, and view the students' profile will be found.

Screenshot of a learner's name and links.

Group Member List

Similar to the Learner Context, the Group Name is moving to a spot above the submission. Finding the members of the group will be available from the drop-down menu under the group's name.

Group context

Overflow Menu

We are taking some less commonly used tasks and putting them in a drop-down menu on the right-hand panel.

Links to access

  • Edit Activity
  • Special Access Dates

Will all move to this overflow menu, available via an ellipsis icon menu button on the right-hand panel.

Overflow menu

Exempt Learners

Previously, an evaluator only knew if a learner was exempt due to a sentence displaying on the right-hand panel:

Legacy Exempt Learner Identifier

Evaluators will now see that the learner is exempt in the Learner Context bar.

New Exempt Identifier

What is staying the same?

While it feels like most of the new experience will be changed, there are some pieces that will stay the same.

Top Navigation

The familiar navigation bar will remain the same.

Top navigation

Document Viewer and Annotations

We won't be changing anything with how documents are rendered for evaluation. The tools you are familiar with for viewing and/or Annotating documents will stay the same.

Entry Points

This new experience will simply replace the old one, once it is time. All of the way you previously accessed the evaluation screen will remain the same whether it is Quick Eval, Assignments, Submissions, Grades, or Content.


You may notice some minor visual differences with the Grade Component, the largest being the label changing from "Score" to "Grade." Links to the Grade Item and Statistics will remain the same as they are today.


The buttons at the bottom of the evaluation page to 'Save as Draft,' & 'Publish,' & 'Retract,' or 'Update' will not change.

Anonymous Marking

Everywhere the learner's name appears will behave in the same way it does today.

What is going away?

There will be a few things leaving the evaluation screen that will make the page altogether less confusing and less redundant.

Submission History

Evaluators will no longer be able to access the “Submission History” from the bottom of the User Submissions List. The new submission list will provide all of the same information as this screen does today, so we won’t be bringing it with us to the new experience.

Student/Learner View Preview

The Grades tool will still have all of the student view settings, but the small preview in the evaluation pane will not carry forward.

The Legacy Student View Preview

User ID

The learner's User ID will no longer be shown on this page. User IDs are displayed on the User Progress page, and we are providing a link to that page from the Learner Context Menu.


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