Introduction to My Vol State, the new Portal

We have improved and upgraded the Portal page to modernize the interface to make it easier for students to navigate. 

To log in: 

  1. Click on the My Volstate link on the Vol State homepage.

  2. Click on the Windows Icon  in the middle of the page 

  3. Enter your Vol State email address and click "Next"

  4. You will then need to enter your username and password


Once logged in, you will see a series of tiles that will take you to the services most important to you:


Action Items
Information on progress of your application, registration, and other items related to your school account.

Action Items Icon

Pride Online
Registration, Grades, and Personal Information can be found in Pride Online.

Self Service Banner

Outlook Email and Calendaring
Used for all official college communication to students.

Outlook Email Icon

Online Classes

eLearn D2L icon

A web-based program that enables you to easily track your academic progress. 

DegreeWorks Icon


Microsoft Office 365
Suite of productivity applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint to help you get your school work done.

Office 365 Icon


Intranet website linking you to the most important services to a student at VolState.  There are links to forms, advising information, campus news and more.

MyVolstate icon

Advising & Registration
Additional Registration, Grades, and Personal Information can be found in the Advising & Registration section.

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Customize your ClassLink

Start by watching this video created by the ClassLink support team It provides a great overview of how to make ClassLink better for yourself.

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