How to add funds to your student printing account.

Every semester you will be granted $17.50 in print credits. The cost per size and sheet is listed below.

Print Costs:

  • $0.07 for Black and White, Letter Size per side

  • $0.30 for Color, Letter Size per side

  • $0.14 for Black and White, 11"x17" Size per side

  • $0.70 for Color, 11"x17" Size per side


When you use up your quota, you can add funds to your account through a couple of methods.


1st Option: Vol State Cashier at any of our campuses. 

Gallatin: The Business Office is located in Ramer 102.

At any of the other Campuses, the Cashier will be located at the front desk.



2nd Option: Payment Kiosk in the Thigpen Library on the first floor:

If you are on Gallatin Campus, you can add funds through the Payment Kiosk

Login Window1. Log in to the payment kiosk with your Vol State username and password.





2.  Your balance will be displayed.  You can add funds by swiping a credit/debit card on the front reader of the pay station. You can swipe a credit card on the front card reader and it will add $5.00 to your account.


















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