XPanel not working on my teachers' station


For your information XPanel has been disabled on this device due to it malfunctioning. Please do not attempted to use it. Please refrain from calling the AV or Help Desk hot line, as we have a list of the broken devices. Also, unfortunately putting a ticket in will not cause it to be repaired any sooner.

This device is slated for repair in the summer of 2024, It cannot be repaired prior to then.

There is a white NEC remote in this room, use it to turn the projector on or off. What is on the main screen of the computer will automatically be projected onto the screen. Control  the volume using the sound settings on the computer that can be found (as the speaker icon) to the left of the time and date in the task bar.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for your patience,

IT Computer Operations

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Fri 3/15/24 8:00 AM
Thu 3/21/24 3:48 PM