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Find answers to questions related to PCs on campus.


Find answers to questions related to Macs on campus.

Printing and Copying

Information about how to install, access, and use our printing and copying devices on campus.

ID Card Printing System

Information on how to use our current ID Card Printing System

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Pinned Article Hardware Pricing Information

Pricing information for standard desktop and laptop PCs, tablets, iPads, etc.

Pinned Article How to Resolve the Citrix SSL Error 4 Issue

Are you experiencing problems using Citrix Receiver?

Pinned Article Software Directory

Collection of the most commonly requested software titles at Vol State.

Argos Java Security Error

This article discusses how to resolve the Java security error pop-up issue when attempting to use Argos.

Clearing Browser History and Cache

Learn how to clear your browser history and cache.

DynamicForms - Advanced Form Features

This article goes over some advanced form features for users creating forms to increase functionality.

DynamicForms - Creating Forms

This article will walk a user through the process of creating a form.

DynamicForms - Filling Out Forms

This article explains how to log into DynamicForms for filling out any forms that a user may receive. This article also explains how to see pending or draft forms and checking form history.

DynamicForms - Processing Forms

This article is for administration over forms. This article will go over using the dashboard and processing, archiving and deleting forms.

How do I locate the asset tag on my computer?

Learn how to locate the device name of your campus computer.

How to Encrypt a USB Drive Using BitLocker

This article details the steps to encrypt a USB drive using Microsoft Windows BitLocker, an essential step in securing sensitive data.

How to find and setup password for Verizon Jetpack

How to locate Verizon Wireless Orbic JetPack WiFi password.

How to Install Evisions Application Launcher via Software Center

This article discusses how you can install Evisions Application Launcher without admin credentials.

How to Install the BDMS-Captiva Cloud Scanning App

This article discusses how you can install BDMS-Captiva Cloud Scanning application.

How to Run a Virus & Threat Scan on Windows 10

The Virus & threat protection feature in Windows Defender detects malware and removes them. You can manually perform this scan by following these instructions.

How to set up Monitors, Keyboards, and Mice to a Laptop

This article will walk a user through steps on setting up external keyboards, computer mice and displays.

How to Use the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600

Instructions for using the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 overhead scanner located in the Thigpen Library computer lab.

Konica Minolta - First Time Printer Use Setup

This article will walk a user through pairing Active Directory username and password to their VolState ID Card to use the printers.

Rochelle Center Projector & Screen Instructions

Instructions on operating the Rochelle Center projector & screen

Tech Terms to Know

Check out our Tech Terms to Know for a quick rundown of terms like D2L, V Number, Vol State Zoom Portal, etc.

XPanel not working on my teachers' station

XPanel Projectors in SRB are broken and do not work.