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Pinned Article Argos Java Security Error

This article discusses how to resolve the Java security error pop-up issue when attempting to use Argos.

Pinned Article Hardware Pricing Information

Pricing information for standard desktop and laptop PCs, tablets, iPads, etc.

Pinned Article Problems Using Citrix Receiver?

Are you experiencing problems using Citrix Receiver?

Pinned Article Software Directory

Collection of the most commonly requested software titles at Vol State.

"Session Expired" or "A break-in attempt was detected"

Unable to login to your My VolState portal? Receiving an error message that states, "Session Expired" or "A break-in attempt was detected"?

Clearing Browser History and Cache

Learn how to clear your browser history and cache.

How do I locate the device name on my computer?

Learn how to locate the device name of your campus computer.

How to enlarge text for printing in Chrome (Print Scaling)

How to change print scaling in Chrome (for enlarged printing of text)

How to link Office 365 with Wēpa

This article details how to link your Office 365 account with your Wēpa account from

How to Use the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600

Instructions for using the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 overhead scanner located in the Thigpen Library computer lab.

Rochelle Center Projector & Screen Instructions

Instructions on operating the Rochelle Center projector & screen

Wēpa Print Kiosks

Learn how to print at Vol State using any of the Wēpa print kiosks conveniently located around campus.