Syllabus Requirements and Templates

Vol State syllabi should be created in HTML (strongly preferred) or Microsoft Word and posted in eLearn. Regardless of format, ALL syllabi must be 100% ADA accessible.

Each syllabus should include the following:

  • Course Description
  • Goals and Outcomes (Learning Objectives)
  • Course Assessment Techniques
  • Instructor Name and Contact Information (or name and link to the course Instructor Contact Page)
  • Textbooks and Materials (required and optional)
  • Assignment Descriptions
  • Instructor Policies (e.g., Grading, Academic Honesty, Participation, Inclement Weather; based on college policies, see the VSCC catalog)
  • Behavior Policy for Online Interactions, "Netiquette"
  • Required College Policy Statements (ADA, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, Title IX, Financial Aid)
  • Topical Outline
  • Course Schedule or Calendar (or link to the course schedule)

Syllabus Templates


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