Syllabus: How to Submit a Syllabus to My Department

Steps to Copy HTML Text from eLearn and Create a Word Version

  1. Go to the content page that contains the syllabus.
  2. Click anywhere on the "body" of the syllabus.
  3. Use Control + A to select all the text.
  4. Use Control + C to copy all the text.
  5. Open a blank Word Document.
  6. Use Control + V to paste the text into Word.
  7. Right-click on any tables, go to table properties and uncheck the "preferred width" checkbox.
  8. Save the file with the name preferred by your department (e.g. MUS 1030-007 Smith Spring 2018).
  9. Set the location to a place on your computer that you can find later.

Repeat these steps for each class you teach.


This 2-minute video demonstrates how to copy your syllabus to Microsoft Word:

Steps to Send as an Attachment

Open a new email. If you are off-campus, the best way to access your Vol State email is to use the Internet Explorer browser to log in directly to the mail server. Refer to this article about using Off-Campus Email.

Attach the Word document(s) to the email and send them to your department admin.


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