How to Use the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600

To Begin:

1. Login to the computer

2. If blue light is not lit on the scanner, push Scan button to turn it on.

ScanSnap button

3. Ensure “SV600 is ready to scan” pops up at bottom right of screen before continuing.

4. Place document or book on black mat.

Image of Scansnap in use

5. Push Scan button on scanner.

6. A window will pop up on the screen with a preview of the scan.

Scansnap image preview

7. To scan more pages, place the next document on the black mat, then click Continue Scanning or press the Scan button/blue light. Otherwise, click Finish Scanning.


1. After clicking Finish Scanning, select the document type (flat document image or book/magazine).

2. Select Check/Correct if you wish to crop or adjust the scanned image. For books, you can choose the option "Correct and save double-page spread document images (book/magazine)". This will allow you to manually correct the skewed images and divide the pages. Otherwise, click Save this Image.

Scansnap Check/Correct or Save


1. To save the image as a PDF to a folder, select Scan to Folder.

2. To save it to Google Drive, select Scan to Google Drive, and follow the sign in procedure.

3. To print, select Scan to Print. Select one of the following printers:

  • wepa BW                                Black and white, 1 sided
  • wepa BW Two-Sided             Black and white, 2 sided
  • wepa Color                             Color, 1 sided
  • wepa Color Two-Sided          Color, 2 sided

Remember to LOG OFF of the computer once you are finished scanning and printing.

For additional assistance, please see one of our IT Help Desk team members.


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