Finding a Quiz

Select the Evaluation link in the navigation bar. Then select Quizzes.

Screenshot of quizzes link.

The Quizzes main page you will see a list of quizzes and tests for that class. On the right side of the screen, you will see how many times you've taken each quiz and the number of attempts you are allowed.

Screenshot of quiz list

Taking a Quiz

Click the quiz name to begin the quiz. It will open a quiz summary page that will provide details about this quiz. Be sure to note the due date, the time allowed, the number of attempts you completed and the number of attempts you are allowed.

Screen shot of a Summary--Post Quiz

Click the Start Quiz button.

The initial quiz window displays.

Screen shot of quiz example.

  • Follow the instructions and complete the quiz.
  • Click "Save" to save each question as you complete them.
  • Click "Save All Responses" and "Go to Submit Quiz" after completing your quiz. Any unanswered questions will display with a link to the unanswered question's number.
  • Click "Submit Quiz" when you have completed your quiz, saved all your answers and want to submit the quiz. If the time limit has passed, you will be asked to submit your quiz.

Important note: If the "Auto-Submit Attempt" option is still active, all the questions you save before the time limit expires will be submitted. However, any questions that you have not saved before the time limit has expired, even if they have been answered, will not be submitted. You must ensure that you are saving your answers before the time limit expires.

Going back and looking at questions that have already been answered

You can move around from question to question using the numbers on the left side of the quiz window.

Screenshot of question navigation area.


Select a number to go back and view the answer anytime during the quiz process. There is also an icon below the question number link that indicates if the question has been saved.

NOTE: If you can not view your saved questions, your instructor has turned off this ability.

View the graded quiz and information the instructor has chosen to release

From your Quiz List page (click Evaluation on the nav bar then click Quizzes), click the drop-down arrow next to the quiz you would like to view. Click Submissions.

Screenshot of quiz submissions.

The Quiz Submission will open. You will see grade information if it has been graded. Click the attempt you would like to view to see more information.

Screenshot of quiz attempt.

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