Grades: Introduction and Navigation Tips

The Grades tool is your Grade book in eLearn. Students can see the grades they've earned and any feedback you have provided. Each instructor's grades set-up is unique. If you have questions about your grade book, please set up a one-on-one meeting with someone in Distributed Education by emailing

This 3-minute video provides an overview of the Grades tool in eLearn:

Instructor navigation menu

In Figure 1 below, you see a screenshot of our eLearn interface. It shows the faculty choices available when you click “Evaluation” then “Grades” within a course. There are four main choices below the standard eLearn navigation bar. From left to right, you see Enter GradesManage GradesSchemes, and Setup Wizard. If you follow that line of sight to the far right, you’ll also see Settings and Help.

screenshot showing the four menu choices: enter grades, manage grades, schemes, and setup wizard

Figure 1. Screenshot of the Instructor Grade Navigation Menu Options

Drop-down menu

The little V-shaped arrow you see next to many of the titles and buttons in eLearn is the drop-down menu. You can see it in Figure 1 above next to the blue “New” button as well as the gray “More Actions” button. It’s also next to Communication, Evaluation, Course Tools, and Help in the primary navigation row.

This little button is your key to get things done! Any time you want to take action and do not know what to click – try the drop-down arrow first. Whenever you see this little icon, you will be presented with additional choices.

Settings & Calculation Options

When you click Settings from the Grades area of your course, you will see three tabs:

  1. Personal Display Options – controls how YOU see and interact with grades in a single course
  2. Student Display Options – controls what grade information your students will see in a given course
  3. Calculation Options – choose between weighted, points, or formula; determine if the final grade calculation is visible to students; determine how to treat ungraded items in your course grade book

On each tab, there are several options to manage. It’s important to note that the settings you choose will apply only to the current course you’re working in. Settings are not global and don’t follow you to all of your courses (at least not in our current version!). Most of the options are fairly self-explanatory, but you may want to tinker with the settings and check out how they affect your grade book until you get the result you’re looking for.

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