Preferences: Creating an eLearn Profile

All users have the ability to create an eLearn Profile, which lets anyone in your classes see the information you choose to share! If you don't include anything, nothing will be visible.

Clicking on Profile in the Preferences drop-down brings you to the following screen:

Screenshot of Profile Page

Here you can change your:

  • Profile picture (Recommended)
  • Nickname
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Birthday (Day and Month)
  • and fill in other pieces of information that you want to share (Hobbies, Favorite Movies/Book/Quotes)

Remember that you can choose what you want on your profile! Just because there's an empty box doesn't mean it has to have something in it. Only want to put in a profile pic and nothing else? That's fine! Want to fill out every box? Go for it!