Course Mail: Sending Messages from Classlist

You can compose and send a new message to anyone on your Classlist or to the entire class.

Sending to an Individual

To send a message to only one person, click their name in the Classlist. A new email message window will open. Complete the message and click send.

Sending to a Select Group of People

To send a message to a group of selected individuals, first, click to put a check mark in the selector boxes next to their individual names. At either the top or bottom of the list, click the "Email" link. A new email message window will open. Complete the message and click send.

In the example below, you see that 3 students are selected from the classlist.

Classlist with students selected

Sending to the Entire Class

  1. Click the button "Email Classlist." 
  2. Click the blue "Send Email" button at the bottom of the classlist. 
  3. Compose and send your message.

Screenshot of email classlist button


Group messages will automatically place all recipients in the BCC (blind carbon copy) field. This is a system setting enforced by the creator of eLearn and cannot be changed at this time.

The default setting is to display 20 users per page. It may be helpful to use the drop-down arrow at the bottom of the page to select a number larger than your class enrollment. This way you will see all of the enrolled students on one page.

Screenshot of number of people on page

Sending messages using the "BCC" or "To" fields

Using the classlist email functions will default in all recipients being added to the BCC field. Sometimes it would be better to send a message using the "To" field so students could see the email responses from others included on the list. Follow the steps in this video to add students to the "To" field.


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