Course Mail (eLearn email)

Accessing Course email from My Home

My Home is the first page you see when logging into eLearn. You have two options to access email from My Home:

  1. Click the Message alerts icon Message alerts icon at the top of your screen. You'll get a pop-up box with an Email option to select.
  2. Click the Course Mail option on the top left below the eLearn logo.

As you can see in the image below, when you access email from My Home your email inbox defaults to an "All Messages" filter view. This means if you're teaching more than one class, you'll see emails from all your courses right away. If you want to see emails from one class, click the Filter By down arrow and select your course. You can also access email from within the course (see below) to see only the emails for that course.

Inbox view from my home

Accessing email from within a Course

When you're in a course, you also have two options to access your email:

  • Click the Message alerts icon at the top of your screen.
  • Click the Communication option on the nav bar, then click Course Mail in the pull-down menu.

Shown in the following image, the inbox is now set to open showing only the mail you have received for this specific course. If you want to see emails from another course, once again click the Filter By down arrow and select your course.

Inbox view in a course

Email Screen Layout

Regardless of how you access email, the email screen layout is consistent. You have three frames. On the left, you'll see your Folder List. The upper frame to the right of the Folder changes each time you click a different folder so you can see the contents of your various folders. The bottom frame to the right of the Folder List is the Message Preview frame where you may read your emails.

If you want to change the size of a frame, move your mouse over the gray line dividing each frame. When your mouse pointer looks like outward pointing arrows Mouse arrow for frame resizing, click and hold your left mouse button and adjust the frame size. 

Folder Management

To create, delete, reorder and nest folders within folders, click the blue folder management button. You'll get a new frame with a New Folder button and a list of your folders. Each folder in the list has a pull-down menu providing folder management options.

Settings and Your Signature

On the far right of your screen, you'll see the email Settings icon Setting button. When you click this icon you get several different options to customize your email. If you wish, you can create your email signature here too.

Composing, Replying to and Printing Emails

Click the blue Compose button to write a new email. In the To field, start typing the student's name, and the field will automatically populate for you (starting on the third keystroke). You have your usual Design View editing icons available, and several options for attachments.

As you read an email in the Message Preview frame, you'll notice you have reply options available to you at the bottom of the frame. Click the appropriate reply button and you'll get a pop-up box for composing your response. You may need to scroll down to place attachments. The Send button is at the top left of the pop-up.

To print an email, click the More Actions pull-down menu at the bottom of the frame when viewing the email in Message Preview. You'll find the print button nested here.

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