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Common Issues and Solutions

Problem – Student receives a message that the access code is already in use.

If the access code is saying it is already in use, this means you activated it with one email address, and then created a Cengage account with another email- thus it doesn’t recognize you. Go to support.cengage.com and create a ticket, in the description list your school email address and then put the hashtag #swapme. This will help tech support fix your issue more quickly.

Problem – Student is directed to ask the instructor for a Course Key.

If your eLearn course has links to the textbook, then you do not need a Course Key from the professor. Look for External Learning Tool links in the course that will bring you to your textbook and/or assignments. Here is an example: External Learning Tool

If it is not integrated, you can simply login to Cengage.com and find the small white search box in the top right corner of your dashboard. Here you can type in the title of any book and it will download the eBook onto your page for you to access. If you want the other study tools that support your eBook, request the Course Key from your professor.

Problem – The eBook does not load properly.

If this happens, please switch browsers. Chrome is preferred followed by Firefox. Internet Explorer tends to be very “glitchy.” Refreshing the page can also help with this problem.

Problem – Popup Blockers.

You may get a variety of error messages when accessing the eBook through eLearn. This generally means your popup blockers are turned on. Turn off your popup blocker and refresh the page.


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