How do I request the account creation of a new employee or non-employee, modify an existing employee, or request a departmental non-person or email account?

Information Technology staff has been looking at methods to make account creation more efficient. We have moved the account creation process to a more dynamic, electronic format. It is our hope that we can provide better service to the campus while also improving security.

Effective immediately, newly hired employees, employees adding an additional position and employees changing positions will no longer be filling out paper forms in Human Resources.
Please see below for links to the new forms and instructions.

Please Note Do not contact Human Resources for any computer account related questions or issues, instead please contact Information Technology at

Full-Time, Adjunct, Part-Time & Temporary Account Form

To request any one of these types of accounts you will need to locate the Personal Action Form (PAF) on the Employee Forms Page under Human Resources: General Employee Forms and fill it out with all required information. Contact HR with any questions on how to fill out this form.


Non-Person Account Form

The Non-Person Account Form is to be used to request accounts that are not used by an individual person. For example, this type of account is for an account that may be used briefly during a training for off-campus guests or for a mailbox that may be monitored by several people, such as

Non-Employee Account Form

The Non-Employee Account Form is to be used to request accounts for people that are not employed by Vol State, but may need accounts to access Vol State systems. Examples include contractors, vendors, student workers, dual service, and others.

This will require the non-employee to complete and submit the form with the assistance of their Vol State supervisor/sponsor from a Vol State computer on our Campus or through screen sharing on a Zoom session.  This form will not be accessible without the supervisor's assistance.

For Vol State employees requesting non-employee accounts on behalf of these users, use the SSO version of the Non-Employee Account form using this link after you've first successfully SSO authenticated into another Dynamic Forms form. 

For any questions, please contact Information Technology at


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