Rochelle Center Projector & Screen Instructions

  1. Log onto the computer at the podium using the login and password you were provided.


  1. Double click the Rochelle Room Control software shortcut icon located on the desktop, as seen below:

  2. A new window will open; click anywhere in the window and the system will begin to warm up. Note: This process will take a minute or two.


  1. At the top of the window you will see multiple sources to choose from (Podium PC, Laptop HDMI, Laptop VGA, etc.). Normally you would use Podium PC.


  1. Click and drag the desired source onto one of the 8 displays below. Note: A single source can be used on multiple displays, and any display you do not wish to use should be left empty.


  1. The screenshot below is what you should see with nothing selected in the boxes:



  1. This will be how it will look if you have Podium PC on all the screens:



  1. At the end of use, click the system System OFF button on the bottom left and log off the computer.

For additional assistance, please contact the AV hotline at 615-230-3411.



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