How to Use the Mattox Classroom Instructor Station AV Control

  1. Logging into the Instructor PC Station
    • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and enter your Vol State credentials.
  2. Turning on the projector and lowering the screen
    • From the Desktop, double-click the Room Control icon. Room Control Icon
    • Once the software has launched, follow the onscreen directions by double-clicking the main image.
    • The projector screen should begin lowering automatically. Optional controls for the projector can be found in the Kramer Room Control application.
    • The projector screen can also be controlled from a control panel located on the wall near the instructor's station, as seen here:

  3. Using the document camera
    • From the Kramer Room Control screen, select the Document Camera button. 
    • On the Smart SDC-300 Document Reader, make sure the Power button is on and the Document Camera button is selected, as shown here:

    • Controls for the light and auto-focus button can be found here:

  4. Displaying content from the PC to the projector
    • From the Kramer Room Control application, select the Teachers Station button: 
    • The image on the screen can also be turned off and on by selecting the Screen Mute button: 
    • To mute audio, select the Mute button so it is highlighted blue, as seen here: 
  5. USB devices
    • USB devices, such as "clickers" for PowerPoint, may be plugged into the side of the monitor.
    • If the PC has trouble reading the device from the monitor's USB ports, try using a USB port on the PC tower itself.
  6. Turning off the projector and logging off
    • For the courtesy of other instructors and the longevity of the school's equipment, it is vital that the projector is turned off after use.
    • To turn off the projector and raise the screen, from the Kramer Room Control application, select the Power button: 
    • Be sure to log off the PC by selecting the Windows Start icon in the bottom left corner and click Log Off.


If you experience any problems, please contact the Vol State AV Hotline at 615-230-3411 or simply extension 3411 from any campus phone.


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