Manage Files

Use Manage Files to upload and organize files you want to include in your course.

To access Manage Files, click "Course Tools" in the navigation bar and then click "Course Admin" in the pull-down menu:

Screen shot of an eLearn course home page with illustration of how to find the course admin tools menu

You are now on the Course Administration page. Find and click the Manage Files icon: Manage Files icon

The Manage Files page has several tools. Noted below, the page has two columns. On the left, the File Tree column shows the basic folder/file structure of your course. You can hide the file tree by selecting "Hide Tree" if you need to focus on a folder you're examining in the right column.

The right column provides you with details on your files and changes as you select a folder in the File Tree. There is a row of five file management tools located above both columns. In addition to "Hide Tree," you can create a new file, create a new folder, paste, or upload.

screen shot of the Manage Files page

Shown in the following image, the Manage Files page has additional tools above the right column: cut, copy, delete, download, zip, and add content topics. These options relate to the folder you have selected in the File Tree.

File management tools.

The Add Content Topics tool Add Content Topics tool. allows you to place files into different course modules, so it's a great tool to help you organize your course quickly.

If you click the Context Menu Button to the right of a file name, you have further file management tools at your fingertips.

Context menu button and context menu.


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