How can a student request a name change?

If you would like to change your first or last name, you will utilize these steps to make the change to your account.  You will work with the Records Office to initiate the request which will be communicated to IT.  You will receive notification before the changes will be made to your account.

  1. As a student you may request a name change with the Records office utilizing the Change of Student Information Form
  2. Turn in the completed form to the Records office in Ramer Administration Building, Room 106.
  3. The name change request will be routed to IT.
  4. You will be notified prior to the changes.
  5. Once the change is made you will need to go to MyVolState.
  6. Click the Change or Activate your Password link on the left side.
  7. Make note of the password requirements on screen and then click the Continue link.
  8. Enter your First Name, Last Name, VNumber and Birth Date and then click Verify.
  9. On the next page, you will find your new username and have the opportunity to reset your current password.  If you would like to keep your password you can note your username and close the browser.


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