Organizing a Vol State Event

Here are the recommended steps when organizing your event at Vol State

1) Finalize Details

The process of organizing your event should always begin with finalizing all of the details. Details such as where and when your event will take place, how many people you expect to attend, if AV equipment will be needed, etc., should be worked out before you begin submitting any of the following requests. While there are minimum time frames to be met with each request, consider submitting as far in advance as possible.

2) Book the Room via Vol State Astra Schedule

Reserve space for the event using Vol State Astra Schedule:

3) Complete a Plant Ops Work Order

Plants Ops Work Order Request:

A Plant Ops work order should be submitted with details of the event (date, time, location, etc.). Including a detailed layout of tables and chairs with the work order will ensure a smooth and accurate set up. Plant Ops requires a minimum of one day in advance of the event to allow for planning and scheduling.

For more information on the Plant Ops work order process, please contact Michelle Boyd at (615) 230-3617 or

4) Request AV Service

AV Service Request:

All AV services must be requested at a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the event.

5) Submit Event for Publicity

Event Submission Form:

The event submission form should be used to list your events in the Vol State web calendar, digital signs located around campus, and mobile application.

It is recommended that you list your event at least two weeks in advance of the event. If you would like to feature your event in the campus-wide digital sign, you will need to submit the event four weeks in advance.

If you have an evening event where you are inviting the public, please also email Tami Wallace ( and Eric Melcher ( to let them know your intended audience.


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