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VSCC uses Ad Astra Schedule for room and event scheduling. Astra Schedule is a real-time, web-based tool that is integrated with Banner. VSCC employees log into Astra Schedule, located in MyVolstate, with their VSCC username and password. This User’s Guide provides instructions on how to search for and request available space. All rooms will appear
as "Request Only" when they are not already reserved. This means the request goes to the Scheduler to approve. If a room appears as "Unavailable", the room is already reserved. Most spaces on campus, will have academic priority over any event request; classrooms, the Wemyss Auditorium, Gym are a few examples. Once you submit a request it will appear as "Incomplete" until the Scheduler approves it; the status will then show as "Scheduled".

Some of VSCC’s large spaces that are reserved through Astra Schedule will be approved based on a a first-come-first-serve basis. Examples of first-come-first-serve spaces include the Rochelle Center, Jim Moore Conference Room, and the Mary Nichols Dining Room A and B. If these spaces are available, they will still say "Request Only". Astra Schedule will allow you to reserve the space and the Scheduler will approve these requests.

Astra Schedule Terminology:

Approving Requests: The Scheduler will approve all event requests. Once the scheduler has approved a space request, the requestor will be notified their request has been approved. Requestors can also check on the status of their request by clicking the Events header on Astra Schedules' Homepage, selecting Events in the drop-down menu, and looking at their Event List.
General User: General users include full-time VSCC faculty and staff. General users can: (a) view available classrooms and meeting spaces, (b) view academic and non-academic events in real-time, and (c) submit requests for the use of available space.
Event: An event is a request for space for: Meetings, Performances, Testing, Maintenance, Practices, Workshops, Conferences, Special Events, etc.
Event Type: Event type describes the general category of events. Examples include: (a) meeting (b) testing (c) conference (d) athletic, and (e) workshop, etc.
Meeting Type: Meeting type describes the general meeting categories for academic courses and sections. Examples include: (a) lecture, (b) lab, (c) clinical, (d) practicum, and (e) private lesson.
Permission: Permission indicates a specific right within Astra Schedule to perform certain actions such as: (a) edit or delete a record and (b) rights to request space.
Room Capacity: Room capacity is the number of physical seats in a room.
Room Type: Room type indicates the overall purpose of the room, e.g., biology lab, art studio, or classroom.
Setup and Teardown Service Window: The setup and teardown window is the period of time scheduled before and/or after an event meeting in which the room must be blocked. Setup and teardown is typically associated with event scheduling.
System Administrator: A system administrator is an individual who has global access to Astra Schedule. The assistant vice president for academic affairs is the system administrator for the scheduling of academic classes. The plant operations scheduler is the system administrator for non-academic class events.
Tentative: Tentative is an event scheduling status that indicates an event creation process is incomplete or in progress.

How to Access Astra Schedule:

VSCC Employees: VSCC employees can access Ad Astra Schedule two ways:
1. Through the myVolState portal’s Ad Astra/Astra Schedule folder, or By using the direct website link:
Astra Schedule Folder on the Vol State Portal

Regardless of which way you access Astra Schedule, the Astra Schedule splash screen will look like this:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

2. Non-VSCC Requests for Space: Guests and VSCC Employees wishing to hold a non-VSCC event can Request use of Space through the Plant Ops webpage: All non-VSCC related event requests go to the VSCC scheduler for approval.

Requesting Space:

There are a few ways to request space in Astra Schedule. (a) Available Rooms (b) Scheduling Grid, (c) Event List. All will accomplish the same goal. Please choose whichever option you prefer.

A. Instructions for Requesting a Room Using Available Rooms:

1.) From the Astra Schedule homepage, select the Calendars icon on the top left header:
Header Tab - Calendar

2.) Select Available Rooms:
Available Rooms

3.) Indicate Search Type: Search For = Location and Purpose of Search = Section or Event:
Search Type

4.) Select Add Meeting(s) and then select the date and time you would like to reserve:
Add Meeting

5.) Choose the date(s) and start and end times and select OK:
Add Meeting, Choose Date

6.) If you would like to delimit your space search to a certain campus or type of room, add a filter:
Filter Options

For example, if you are looking for Gallatin classroom space, select Filter Options, Campus: VSCC Gallatin AND Room Type: Classroom. Select Done.
Room Type - Classroom

There will be a numerical number next to the Locations Filter Options categories you selected. Select OK:

After selecting OK, your chosen filters will be displayed:

Select the Search icon. After selecting the Search icon, Astra Schedule will provide the available spaces for your specified space/time:
Search and Results

7.) Select the Room you would like to reserve:
Select Room

8.) Select Create Event. Before Astra Schedule requests the space reservation on your behalf, a request synopsis window will pop-up on the screen. Please verify the date, time, and space you are requesting. Then add an Event Name, Event Type, and indicate an event point of Contact. You can select the More Options button to add additional details such as Estimated Attendance. Select Save and Send Notification.
Create Event

9.) Astra Schedule allows you to send an Event Summary to additional people. This is not a mandatory step. You can choose not to add recipients and select OK. Your request will be sent to the Scheduler.
Find Event Summary

10.) Once you have submitted your space request, you will be able to see the request by selecting Events from the header bar:
Select Events from Header Tab

Then select Events:
Select Events under Event Management

The Events List will show your requests:Status will say "incomplete" until the Scheduler has approved the request.
Event List

If you do not see your request(s), select the blue Filters tab on the far left. Adjust the date or other filters. You should now be able to see all your space requests:
Select blue Filters tab

Show current filters

B. Instructions for Requesting a Room Using the Scheduling Grid:

The Scheduling Grid allows you to look at available space by the: (a) room, (b) room’s resources, (c) day, or (d) week.
Rooms are presented in a grid of dates and times.

1.) Select Scheduling Grids from the Calendars tab on the red header bar:
Scheduling Grids

2.) Select Administrative Grid from the Choose Calendar on the top middle of the screen:
Choose Calendar

3.) Select the day or week you would like to reserve space:
Select Day or Week

A Scheduling Grid will populate on the right of the screen denoting which rooms have available space and what times the rooms are available:
Scheduling Grid Room Availability

4.) From the Scheduling Grid you can see a room’s details (capacity and features). Click on the round circle to the left of the room:
Room details

5.) To schedule a room from the Scheduling Grid, select the box that aligns with your chosen room and time. For example, if you would like to reserve Caudill 101 on 1/17/2023 from 7:00 – 8:00 am, click on that box (example highlighted below):

Schedule room from grid

6.) Selecting the box that aligns with your chosen room and time brings up a Create Event box. Enter your Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Event Name, Event Type, and Contact. Select Save and Send Notification. You can select the More Options button to add additional details such as Estimated Attendance. Then confirm your save by selecting yes:
Create Event from Grid


C. Instructions for Requesting a Room Using the Event List

1.) Select Events in the drop-down menu of the Event tab. This will take you to Event List.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

2.) Under Event List select the +Add button

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

3.) In the Create Event box, enter your reservation request details. Select More Options to enter Estimated Attendance. Hit Save and Send Notification.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Multiple View in Create Event box.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Reoccurring view in Create Event bo.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)




VSCC has identified an owner for all College space. System Administrators identify approvers for each space based on who owns the space. Space can have more than one approver if the room owner chooses to do so. In that case, an Approver Group is created

When an employee submits a space request through Astra Schedule, the approver receives a request entry in their Astra Schedule Notification List. When an Approver Group is used, a notification goes to all the individuals within the Approver Group. Only one user in the group is required to approve a space request.

A. Accessing Notifications and Approving Room/Event Requests:

1.) Select Notifications from the Events tab on the red header bar:
Header Tab - Notifications

2.) After selecting Notifications, a list of notifications will appear:
Notifications List

3.) To review an request’s details, hover over the gray double circle Gray Double Circle:
Event Meeting Details

4.) Please see Section A.), Number 10 above for how to see your request once it has been submitted.

IMPORTANT: A request for space in Astra Schedule only reserves the event space. If you need a room setup, IT or AV support, you MUST complete additional requests (see #5/6 below).

5.) To request a room setup, visit the Plant Operations web-page, and submit a service request. This link takes you to SchoolDude: Enter your VSCC credentials and note what type of setup you require.

6.) For A/V service, select A/V Service Request here:

This link takes you to the VSCC IT Service Catalog:
Non-VSCC Events, including requests from VSCC Employees, will need to be requested through the Request for Use
of Space form located on the Plant Ops web-page, and are approved by the Scheduler. You can find the page here:

Relevant Vol State Policies:

Use of Campus Property and Facilities Policy

Traffic and Parking Regulations

Programs for Minors on Campus

Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus

Firearms and Other Weapons

For Additional Help:

Contact the IT Help Desk at 615-230-3302
VSCC Scheduler at 615-230-3616
Ad Astra Help Center

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