RASI Research Request

The Office of Research, Assessment and Special Initiatives (RASI) supports research request needs from both internal and external customers. Internal customers include faculty, staff, and administration at Volunteer State Community College. External customers include governing bodies, accreditors, and approved public data and institutional research requests.

Response Time and Approvals

The average request response time is between five to seven business days. More complex requests may take ten or more business days. Only emergency requests may be resolved in one to four business days and request must be accompanied by letter of approval from an upper level supervisor at the Director/Dean level or above. RASI reserves the right to approve, postpone, or deny all requests based on the best interest of the college. All requests will be assigned within one business day and the RASI staff member will reach out with any questions or concerns regarding the submission.  

Ticket Research Requests

Faculty, student, and staff research requests must be submitted through the TeamDynamix ticket system. Research requests involving human subject research must be approved by the Volunteer State Community College Institutional Review Board prior to submission of the request. To get started, click the Request Service button and complete the request form.

Data Export Requests

Data exports can be requested with the appropriate approvals. i.e. a list of student names, email addresses, etc. To get started, submit a Create New Script/Report service request and complete the request form.

Data export requests are subject to approval, when appropriate, from the Institutional Review Board and/or Public Records Coordinator prior to submission of the request.

Public Records Request

Public records requests policies are governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents public records policies.  Public records requests must first be approved by the public records coordinator. If the ticket indicates public records request, it will be forwarded to the public records coordinator for approval before any data can be released. All public request tickets must include the Vol State Public Records Request Form. If determined later to be a public records request, the requestor will be contacted for the appropriate form and the request will be forwarded to the public records coordinator.

How To Request

Click the Request Service button and complete the request form.

Service Audience

Faculty, Staff, Students, and General Public

Service Level Agreement

We will respond to your initial request within two business days. 

Institutional Policies

Tennessee Board of Regents public records policies

Institutional Review Board Policy

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