Home Page

When you first log in to eLearn, you are taken to the "My Home" page. From this main page, you can:

  • Access your courses
  • Check your eLearn Course Mail
  • Update and change your preferences
  • View college news announcements

Screen shot of student home page highlighting bulleted items listed above.

Navigation Tips

At the top right of the page are icons for quick access to courses, course mail, discussion board subscription alerts, other course update alerts, and your profile and notification settings.

Below the eLearn logo on the left of the home page, there are links to course mail, the eLearn electronic portfolio system, MyMedia for videos, Wiggio for group work, and a Help with eLearn.

In the main area of the page, you will find update links, image tiles with links to your courses, and other important college information. Take some time to scroll through and read the home page to get familiar with all it offers!



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