Using your eLearn Home Page

"My Home" is the first page you see upon logging in to eLearn. It is helpful to know what you can expect to see there and how to navigate to your courses, course e-mail, and other tools to make the most of your time. The tools briefly described below are available on your "My Home" page for customizing your experience in the learning environment.

example screenshot of a faculty home page in eLearn


Click on the "waffle" icon to see a drop-down list of your courses. You can pin selected courses by clicking on the pushpin image on the right side of the list. Pinning courses moves them to the top of the list for easy access.


It is easy to control your online persona in eLearn. You can include any information you would to about yourself, but remember that other eLearn users (students, faculty, and staff) will be able to view this information. Any information you put under your profile will be viewed by anyone who can view your Classlist. Only enter information you are comfortable sharing with others.


The notifications tool allows you to receive instant notifications about course events, such as dropbox submissions, discussion messages, and announcements. The tool also allows you to subscribe to summaries of course activities and can be received through email and/or cell phone messages. Students can also make use of notifications in eLearn.

Account Settings

Changing your account settings allows you to customize many of your viewing options within eLearn, such as the default font style and size you see when you log in. Remember, the preferences you set are personal and will not affect the way your students see your course.

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