Guidance for Virtual Classes at Vol State

This document provides recommended practices for holding and recording virtual (i.e., synchronous or live) class sessions. Appendix 1 includes a student consent form you may wish to use.

Guidance for Virtual Classes at Volunteer State Community College

Instructors sometimes record virtual class sessions so that students can watch a missed class session or review an earlier session, or for the instructor to share with a future class. Depending on who is identifiable in the recording, the recordings may constitute educational records that are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) — the federal student privacy law.

Additional information about photos, video, and audio recording under FERPA can be found in the US Department of Education FAQs on Photos and Videos under FERPA.
If you have questions about how FERPA relates to your specific situation at Volunteer State Community College, contact Tim Amyx, Director of Admissions and College Registrar.


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