Zoom is an application that offers a video conferencing solution that facilitates online-only meetings, conferences, and messaging.

Articles (19)

Accessing Zoom

This article will help you get started using Zoom through the College's Zoom account using your Vol State username and password.

Calling Out to Phone Number via Zoom Meeting

How to utilize a Zoom Meeting in order to call a phone number allowing for privacy of your work or personal cell phone in order to communicate quickly and efficiently with students or co-workers.

Guidance for Virtual Classes at Vol State

This document provides recommended practices for holding and recording virtual (i.e., synchronous or live) class sessions and related FERPA guidance. Appendix 1 includes a student consent form you may wish to use.

How to stop OtterPilot from automatically joining your meetings

OtterPilot can automatically join your Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings through your synced calendar events to provide a meeting transcription in real-time. This article will provide instructions on how to stop OtterPilot from automatically joining your meetings.

How to View Zoom Participants from Previous Meetings

This article discusses on how you can access Zoom applications from previous meetings.

Managing the Participants List

Use these steps to maintain control of a Zoom class or meeting and to help prevent inappropriate behavior by participants.

Recording a presentation in a Zoom Room

Directions on how to record a presentation, class, or meeting in a Zoom Room.

Restricting the Recording of Self-View and Students in the Classroom

Follow these steps to restrict the recording of self-view and students in the classroom.

Restricting Zoom Classes to Only Enrolled Students

Use the below tips to help restrict your Zoom classes or meetings to those students or users who are able to sign in through the Vol State Zoom Portal at volstate.zoom.us

Securing Zoom Meetings

"Zoombombing" happens when a non-secured meeting ID is shared or guessed and an uninvited, anonymous attendee connects and eavesdrops or sometimes shares inappropriate content. Check out this article on some tips to help secure your Zoom meeting.