Scheduling and Starting a Zoom Meeting

Scheduling a Meeting on the Web or with the Desktop Application

This guide will show you how to schedule a meeting with Zoom, either via the web or with the desktop application. To learn more about scheduling and starting Zoom meetings via eLearn, refer to the Setting up Zoom Meetings Within eLearn article.

Scheduling Via the Web

  1. Go to the Vol State Zoom Portal at
  2. Click on "Login to Create/Edit Account
  3. Log in with your Vol State credentials. 
  4. Click on "Meetings" in the menu on the left of the page: Vol State Zoom Meetings Tab
  5. On the next screen, click on "Schedule a Meeting" in the top row of tabs.
  6. Select the desired meeting settings.
  7. Click "Schedule." 

This will schedule the meeting. In the details, you will see a join URL. This is the web address participants will visit to join the meeting. Furthermore, there is a link to copy the invitation to the clipboard. This option is useful when sending meeting invitations via email or when posting meeting details into eLearn.

Scheduling via the Desktop Application

  1. If this is the first time you are logging in to Zoom via the desktop application, enter or complete the SSO address in the field provided. Enter the word volstate (lower case) and the remainder of the address may be provided for you (
  2. Log in with your Vol State credentials. 
  3. Once the application menu opens, click on the "Schedule" button.  Zoom Scheduling Option
  4. Select the desired meeting settings.
  5. Click "Schedule."

After scheduling, you will be presented with the meeting details. You can copy to a clipboard to send via email, via an Outlook meeting request, or post details into eLearn.

Setting Options for Meetings

You will be presented with several options to create your meeting.

Topic: This field will be the name of your meeting.

When: This is the date and time of your meeting. You can also set a recurring box which will create recurring meetings. If you do so, you will be able to set frequency and time.

Registration: This option will allow you to require registration ahead of time. This option is useful when you want to know how many people will be attending ahead of the meeting.

Host Video: Allows you to turn on or off the host video by default when the meeting starts. You can change this later in the meeting.

Participants Video: Allows you to turn on or off participants video by default when the meeting starts. You can change this later in the meeting.

Audio Options: Allows you to choose audio options for the meeting. Note a basic user account will only be able to use VOIP (audio from the computer) only.

  • Telephony only: Participants will only be able to dial in with a phone to a conference bridge.
  • Voip only: Participants can only use their computer for audio. This option requires the computer to have a microphone.
  • Both: Participants can choose to dial into a conference bridge or use their computer audio.

Meeting Options: You have several choices to make for a meeting.

  • Require meeting password: participants will be required to enter a password to join a meeting. If checked, you will have to provide a password.
  • Enable join before host: If this box is checked, participants can join the meeting before you as the host enters.
  • Mute participants before entry: This option will mute all participants upon joining the meeting. In order to speak, participants will have to unmute their microphones.
  • Use personal meeting ID (Pro Only): The personal meeting ID is a standing meeting room you as a Pro user have to use whenever you want. If participants have this ID then they can join. This is useful in an ad-hoc situation when you want to meet quickly.

Calendar: This option will give you meeting details for the selected calendar application. If in doubt, choose "Other calendar."

Starting a Meeting via the Desktop Application

A meeting leader may start the meeting at any time. This is useful if you want to start the meeting a little early.

  1. In the desktop application, click on the "Meetings Button."
  2. In the list of upcoming scheduled meetings, hover the mouse over the meeting you wish to start and click the "Start" button.


  • To make changes to an upcoming meeting, such as a new date and time, hover over the meeting you wish to change and click the "Edit" button.
  • If you cancel the meeting or change the meeting, please be sure to let attendees know.
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